Create Space for Others


How can we better engage each other in courageous dialogue, to communicate when stakes and emotions run high? Creating truly equitable workspaces requires a culture that encourages difficult conversations and creates space for diverging perspectives.  This Master Class offers new approaches and skills for Managers to create trust, transparency, and psychological safety necessary to take interpersonal risks and express vulnerability, anger, and hurt in productive ways. Learn how to increase collaboration, feedback, and deep discussion to inspire your team to address challenges and make critical improvements. Build tactical skills to engage employees through different styles of learning and communication and learn how to navigate challenging topics with diverse perspectives.

Inside This Course

Over the course of three months, you will explore the following six modules: 

  • Setting Up for Success

  • Authentic Listening

  • Levels of Empowerment

  • Mediating Conflicts & Barriers to Communication

  • Facilitation Tools & Techniques

  • Next Steps to Action

How This Works: Our Course Structure

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Start Date

    Our courses run with a live cohort- meaning you actually get to engage in discourse not only with the course instructors, but with other participants!  Our Master Class Series are scheduled to run every four months. Facilitating Courageous Dialogue runs from Jan-Mar each year.

  • Live Sessions

    During the program, we will schedule 6 live sessions that are each 2 hours long. These will be scheduled with a doodle poll once registrations are confirmed. They will be recorded afterwards for those unable to attend.

  • Self-Paced Work

    In between sessions you will find videos, articles, and assignments right here in this portal to help you better understand the content. Participants are expected to apply the theories you learn to your current context and work experiences.

  • Peer Coach

    You will also be assigned a peer coach from the cohort, someone you may or may not know who is taking the class with you. Peer Coaches are partners to help you practice, reflect, and apply the learnings to your particular circumstances. This is an essential component of how we make the learning relevant, timely, and practical. (If you would like to request a peer coach from someone you already know is enrolled in the class, you can submit it once the course opens).

  • Instructor Feedback & Support

    Finally, you will have the ability to contact and reach out to any instructor assigned to this course for instructor support and feedback. We will comment on assignments, but are also there to answer tough questions, whether during the live sessions or in between. 

  • Personal Consultation

    Once enrolled, you are entitled to a private consultation call between you and an instructor. This is an opportunity for you to discuss core challenges and set specific goals for your growth and development over the program.

  • Price

    We offer two payment options on the website here. Pay in three easy payments of $500.00 or save by paying in full at $1300.00. Check for active promotions and deals on our website at to save even more!

  • Scholarships

    Work for a non-profit or small business and worried about the price? We may be able to help with a discounted rate or full scholarship. Inquire at [email protected] for more information.