What is Critical Consciousness?

The Agency to Create Change

Critical consciousness is our ability to understand how the world works in order to change it. In this course, we explore how our opinions and perspectives are shaped by examining the social, political, and personal contexts we come from. Dig in and examine the multiple and ever-changing identities that form us as individuals and how our community both impacts them and is impacted by them. To change society, we must first explore how it changes us.

Three Course Modules

Over the course of a month, you will explore the following three modules: 

  • Identity & Power

  • Culture of Power

  • Transformative Action

How This Works: Our Course Structure

  • Start Date

    Our Management Skills Courses run with a live cohort- meaning you actually get to engage in discourse not only with the course instructors, but with other participants!  In order to do that, we wait to run each cohort until the course is full (min. 15 participants). If you want to speed up the start date, encourage your colleagues to enroll! Simply send them to: https://inquiry-institute.thinkific.com/courses/critical-consciousness

  • Live Sessions

    During the month, we will schedule 3 live sessions that are each 2 hours long.  These will be scheduled with a doodle poll once registrations are confirmed. If you can't make the sessions, they will be recorded, but you will definitely get the most from the course if you are able to attend!

  • Self-Paced Work

    In between live sessions you will find videos, articles, and assignments right here in this portal to help you better understand the content. These can all be done whenever works best for you!

  • Peer Coaching

    You will also be assigned a peer coach from the cohort, someone you may or may not know who is taking the class with you. Peer Coaches are partners to help you practice, reflect, and apply the learnings to your particular circumstances. This is an essential component of how we make the learning relevant, timely, and practical. (If you would like to request a peer coach from someone you already know is enrolled in the class you can submit it once the course begins)

  • Instructor Support & Feedback

    Finally, you will have the ability to contact and reach out to any experts assigned to this course for instructor support and feedback. We will comment on assignments, but we are also there to answer tough questions, whether during the live sessions or in between.